Future Legends Soccer Club
Spring League Program
Ages 5-8
Season Duration: 
March - May

Legends Training sites include:
* Matthews Sportsplex (Thursdays 6-7 pm), 
* Ballantyne location (Monday's Elon Park 6-7 pm) 

Games - Saturdays at Elon Park

Price includes:
* 1 weekly training (1 hr session)
* 1 game (weekend), 
* Legends Jersey 
* Trained HappyFeet/Legends Coaching Staff/
* Field Rental
* Access to additional Legends Training 
* Legends Unique Training Curriculum

Legends (AGes 6-8) - $200
New Years Special - $175
Early Bird Special - $149 (sold out)
HappyFeet Leagues available for Kids 
(ages 2-5) - Contact us for More Info

Waiver / Indemnification: As Parent of Legal guardian of the child named herein, I hereby represent that the child has been examined by a pediatrician and is physically fit to participate in HappyFeet/Legends programs. I understand that there are inherent risks in participating in this athletic program. I hereby accept responsibility for and agree to pay any and all cost of medical treatment resulting from any injury suffered by my child as a result of his/her participation in HappyFeet. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless HappyFeet/Legends Charlotte, its agents, servants, employees, and or representatives from any and all liability, damage, cost or expense arising out of my child's participation of every kind and nature in HappyFeet/Legends Charlotte events. In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission for care to be administered by a qualified HappyFeet/Legends staff member, EMT, physician/staff of a hospital, or any other qualified individual to provide any medical treatment deemed necessary for my child.

I Accept

Photo Waiver: The parent/guardian signature on this form also permits HFLI to use still photography and/or video originating from our programs for promotional purposes to include, but not limited to, print, website and various forms of visual print media.

I Accept

$149 Early Bird Special
$149 Early Bird Special
$175 New Years January Special
$175 New Years January Special
$200 Legends Soccer
$200 Legends Soccer
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