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  • PHONE: 704-293-1136
  •  EMAIL: Info@BraveCreativeLeaders.com
  • PHONE: 704-293-1136
  •  EMAIL: Info@BraveCreativeLeaders.com
Welcome to Charlotte Legends
Looking for the next step in your HappyFeet Soccer experience, or a Club that is focused on player development vs. traditional recreation and win at all cost clubs? Meet Future Legends where we take the development of skills to a whole new level and continue to build on our mission of building Brave, Creative Leaders for life!

Our coaches are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first, individual, then team success. Their commitment is to encourage brave, creative leadership in every player. We will support children to dare greatly and not be afraid to make mistakes! As a result, no risk will be feared- on or off the field. This child-first mentality is exclusive to the Legends Soccer Club. Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame!

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Future Legends
Developing Brave, Creative Leaders for Life!
  •  Philosophy: Developing Individually Brilliant Players
  • Coaches: Trained professional coaches at an early age
  • Individual Moments of Success: Focused on learning and consistent growth. Focused on individual creative moments of success.  
  • Brave Creative Leaders for Life: Character Development through the game of soccer
  • Legends Skills: Creative, Deceptive Dribblers are born 
  • Encouragement: No Guilt, No Blame, No Shame Environment.
  • Growth: Build on the Incredible Success and track record of player development from HappyFeet Charlotte (ages 2-5)
Future Legends
Includes Jersey, Coaching and Field Cost
  • Boys & Girls Teams Available: U6 (PreK - Kindergarten Born in 2013) - u8 (born in 2011-2012) 
  • 4v4 Weekly Games: Maximize touches and encourages quick thinking and creative play on and off the ball
  • Dates: March - May (Full Schedule will be announced in February)
  • Schedule: 2 Training options each week (Mondays - Elon Park, Thursdays - Matthews Sportsplex) + 1 Game on the weekend (Saturdays - Elon Park)
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